Why will we make images for you for free

We are working with the world’s Best Stock Agencies like Stocksy, Cavan, Dissolve and others.

How does it works? We put all our efforts to produce images as good as we can and then we submit it to these agencies. After all their clients can buy our works if they like it. Thats how we earn money for living and making new shootings.

And for making successful images we need real people in their real environment. Thats why we love to shoot real business with its real workers and owners.

From the business owner we need only to help us to organize everything. For example to schedule time of shooting to avoid strangers interrupting the process. Or to deal with workers about the shoot.

If there will be any people on the images we will need Model Release from them. We can work with you or your employees or find models.

If your business has a lot of intellectual properties like interior design, or architecture layouts or logos, etc. We will need you to sign a Property Release.

Thats all. We will never ask you to pay for our work - simply use it for free:)